Recruitment Roadshow
When you're struggling to get applications to come to you, why not take the applications out to your candidates? That's exactly what we did for Go North West with the Recruitment Roadshow
There's no silver bullet when it comes to recruitment - you need to do a lot of things, very often, in order to ensure a steady stream of candidates.
In addition to the rest of our work on recruitment for Go North West, we devised a series of events aimed at taking the company's recruitment team on the road - Recruitment Roadshows.
As well as attracting a new stream of potential interview candidates, the Recruitment Roadshow achieved notable mentions in local and trade press, further boosting the campaign's reach.
The results

The steady stream of applicants became a flow following the series of events held at retail parks and town centres across Greater Manchester. The events have become an integral part of GNW's ongoing recruitment strategy.
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